B100 Patio

Outdoor oasis with a view overlooking the lake and table seating on a brick paved patio

Space Amenities include

  • This space has a great view of the Willow South Barrington lakeside property.
  • It has full or partial shade depending on the time of day.
  • Square footage: 750 sq ft
  • There are 15 tables with eight chairs at each table
  • If needed, we can add a sound system to enhance your experience.
Additional South Barrington Campus Amenities

Available Parking Spots


On-site coffee shop

Yes, limited schedule. Can add hours for events in Main or Lakeside Auditorium.

Catering services

Yes, limited on-site catering through The Cafe

On-site Kitchen Available for Rent

Yes, available to rent for use.

Production Staff Available for Hire

Yes, available upon request.

Elevators ADA Access


Security Staff Available for Hire

Yes, available upon request.

Linen Rentals

Limited through The Cafe.

Outdoor Seating / Patio Seating